Guest reply to last week’s invitation.

2020-07-04 Flag
I always wish to go to America.  I have seen your pictures of your home and Kentucky is beautiful.  The thing I admire most of your country is your freedom.  Here in . . . if I say bad things about our leader I and my family will have to go hide.  It would not be safe.  In the USA many people say bad things about your leaders even if the leader is good or bad.  Some of your leaders are bad but they still give up power when you hold your elections I think so.  Our elections I do not know if the one elected we really choose or he clings to power to stay in power.  I think it is the last.  He stays in power because after he gets in power it is very difficult for another to get in and we people cast ballots and we do not know if the count is real or not.  So I pray that America will solve your problems because it is great nation and best in the world for freedom.  You are blessed to call America home.  Pray for my country but do not say where I am from. RAS

Well, I am disappointed that so few responded to my invitation to write about what living in America means to you or about appreciation for police or other first responders.   The only response is from an international friend, similar to comments he made when we were both “strangers in a strange land,” away from both our home countries. 

But his view as an outsider is telling.  Like someone told me once, the USA is kind of like Noah’s Ark: some animals you wish were not on board, kind of smelly at times, noise that keeps you awake, rough waters bouncing you about, feeling like you do not know where or when you will land, but all things considered, it’s still the best ship afloat; better than any other option!

And another reply, better late than never, as my Mom used to say:
After living overseas for 40+ years, I appreciate the freedoms and liberties my home country [USA] gives. From the CULTURE of my host country, Bangladesh, I appreciate that they accept me, are always respectful to me (especially as I get older!!).
Blessings, Sharon

Larry and Sharon Smith
BANGLADESH: Rd. 71, Hs. 11, Apt. 303A, Dhaka
PO Box 493907; Redding, CA 96049

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