The Walk

2020-08-08 The WalkMy wife and I walk around our neighborhoods, about three to four miles almost every day.  Rising at 7am, my brain doesn’t have to engage while she gets ready, I “snack” a breakfast and a coffee, and we go hiking for an hour or so.  By the time we get back, I am almost awake and ready to take on the day’s tasks. 😉

My Master and I also take a “walk” together almost every day.  But our “walk” covers a lot more ground, usually going around the world.  We start by “visiting family” which extends past my biological relatives to “adoptees” who are as dear to me as my own flesh and blood: from Lexington, we “drop in on” some “family” in Mongolia, back through New Jersey, Peoria, Illinois, Waverly and Marshalltown, Iowa, Kansas City (both sides of the river, from Liberty to Overland Park to Olathe), pass through Phoenix and Yuma, Arizona and wind up north in Edmonton and Calgary.

2020-08-08 US Map

Then we begin a “trek” around Lexington, visiting our neighborhood, the University, our church leadership, our Boomers’ fellowship, and locals of our church and community, reaching out to Winchester and Versailles.  From there we make a loop around the US, starting with friends in China Outreach Ministries in UT (Knoxville), down to Dallas and Houston, Texas and then east to Birmingham and Selma, Alabama.  Continuing east we stop in Atlanta, drop down to the University of Miami and skirt along the coast up through Savannah, Georgia, Charleston, South Carolina, Virginia and through a suburb of Washington, D.C..

Stops in Philadelphia and New Jersey take us up to ‘The City’ (New Yorkers are so provincial; they think that is sufficient designation for Gotham 😉).  Jump up to Boston, then turn west to COM at Penn State and up to Toronto.  The westward segment continues through Michigan where we take a sharp hook south to visit three families in Ohio, all from acquaintance at First Alliance Church originally.  We swing back north to Industry, Illinois, Chicago Land and Madison, Wisconsin, meandering south through Iowa City and St. Louis.  A further southern excursion to Branson, Missouri and then it’s up to Kansas City, Kansas again to see some others who are not in my family.  A zig up to Omaha and a zag back to central Kansas takes us then over to Denver.

From there we head north to Libby, Montana, on west to Ellensburg, Washington from whence we head south to Chico, California before going coastal to San Francisco and LA.  A jaunt back east into the Phoenix valley and we conclude our US “tour.”

The second leg of our journey goes around the rest of the world.  We start in Sydney and Brisbane, Australia before sailing north to Viet Nam and universities along the Pacific Rim.  We stop in Hong Kong, move east to Taiwan, then north to Fukuoka and Tokyo, swinging back west through Korea and Jilin, China.  We head south through Beijing and visit Yiwu City and Shaoxing.  There are a four other cities in China that we “visit” by identifying the residents as I do not know in which cities they live, but He knows.

2020-08-08 The World

We go back north to Mongolia, this time to spend some time as there are lots of friends from our 2013 semester at MIU and students with which we are still involved, with a short stop in southern Russia where one of my former students went home.

The next stop is in Dhaka, Bangladesh where my best friend in all my life has lived since shortly after graduating from college.  Then we go west to Nepal and south to India where we have several friends, before moving further west to see friends in Pakistan and Afghanistan.  We hit each of the “stans” north of there before sojourning through Iran and the persecuted church there.  We then go through the unrecognized country of Kurdistan on our way to Istanbul.  Before leaving the Mid East for Europe, we stop in several nations there, bordering on Israel and our final stop is in Even Yehuda.

The north route to Bulgaria takes us across the Bosphorus and on to North Macedonia and Albania.  We then visit some friends in Austria and Germany before crossing the English Channel for a stop in London.  Our final stops are on the African continent where friends live in Tunisia, Guinea, Cote d’Ivoire, and Tanzania.

As we pass through each of the cities or countries listed in our travelogue, the Lord and I talk about the people I know in these locales.  It may be just to ask for mercy, mentioning their family name, or there may be events in their lives of which I am aware, asking for Father to give them some special attention.  Sometimes we will pause for some time with some of our friends as I try to listen to His “still small voice” for what He wants to say about them.  But each one is prayed over.

Don’t think I am some kind of saint to do this walk.  “Lord knows better than that!” my mother used to say. 😉  Rather it is what He has asked me to do, and how do you say, “No” to a Master?  To One who loves you so much that He went to the cross for you?  To One so magnificent that John could barely find words to describe Him in the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

When you know Him, you stumble along trying your best to please Him, and if He asks for something so simple as a cup of water to give to a thirsty soul, well, you give it.  I still mess up plenty, like a baby crying for milk and pooping in its diapers, but He loves me.  So I find our walks refreshing, even though I do most of the whining and gurgling.  But He loves me.  If you do not get anything else from this blog, please recognize that He knows and loves you, too.

So next time you go for a walk, let Him come along.  He wants to be with you wherever you are.  Can you just imagine what it will be like someday when we all see Him face to face!?

One thought on “The Walk

  1. Thank you for prayer-touring, you are a blessing because it’s wonderful to be remembered in this way! It will be a joy to meet up again!


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