Intermezzo: 9/11/01 Forever Changed …

2020-09-11 Remember
9/11/01 was a beautiful fall day across most of the country, especially up in the northeast around NY and New England.  But where ever you lived in the US, the day changed you.  It changed our nation.  It changed me.

The ACLJ, the American Center for Law and Justice produced a thoughtful and solemn one hour commemoration of the events of that day, with interviews with a handful of some of the people most directly affected.  It tells several stories from first responders and families who lost loved ones.

Tastefully presented, it does not glorify the gore or the terrorists who are to be pitied for their attempt to please a god who wanted them to kill and destroy.  Those of us schooled in the Bible know well enough who that ‘thief/god’ is.  Remember those who lost their lives that day, who are listed at the end of the production.

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