Intermezzo: It’s A Miracle

2020-11-30 The Miracle of Snow

First Snow Of The Season and it takes my mind to wandering about its miraculous materializing in my morning meditations.

We have a general misunderstanding of what makes a miracle versus what is scientific.  We assume that because we understand a couple of details of a mechanism Father uses to do something, and that He usually does it the same way, well, that is ‘scientific’ and not miraculous.  We have lost the sense of wonder at how God heals disease, restores relationships, transforms personalities, or regulates the universe.

Snow is one of the most miraculous phenomena in the world.  There are so many factors that must be in exact detailed agreement for the cascade of tiny crystals to come crashing to the ground.  Because physicists, meteorologists, chemists and students of many other disciplines have studied, examined, measured and reproduced snow crystals, we think we understand where they come from and how snow happens.

Wikipedia can give you all the details of how frozen crystalline water forms, what suitable conditions are required, how the multitudinous shapes are formed, how they reach a mass big enough to drop out of the clouds, and how the light is refracted through the clear water to become visible, so that the blanket of transparent gems hides the earth in brilliant white.

But it still remains a wondrous miracle that in “nature” all these factors come together at a given moment to deposit the delightful dust over the district.

Sadly, the deeper we go into quantum physics, the further we look through the telescopes into the sky, the deeper we delve into our oceans and below, the more enamored we become of our own brilliance, as if we understand the universe, from where it came, how it is sustained, and what will happen in the future.

But there is a Hand that holds the keys to the storehouses of snow which we cannot see with natural eyes.  He brings the snow out of its storehouses and miraculously gives us a gift of supernatural wonder, if we only have eyes of faith to see more than just crystals of water.

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