Intermezzo: Too little, too late, but better late than never . . . same for each of us!

President Trump delivers a positive and unifying message, a little late, but better now than never.

The president is not wise and often has done things that weaponized his opponents easily enough. This time, his January 6 speech gave them the ammunition to again engage in political theater of impeachment with no hope of conviction, and that, with only a few days away from his departure from office. Nancy Pelosi’s full-on hatred for the man who defied her “take it to the bank” predictions in 2016 only inflames her adversaries, which may be part of her “playbook.” (“Stir them up and maybe the deplorables will get rabid enough to attack again.”) There is nothing to be accomplished in pursuing this course of action while more important legislation gets cold on her desk . . . like removing biologically correct, but politically inconvenient language of “dad, mom, son, daughter, etc” from congressional matters. Okay, that one did not get cold; she made sure this “important piece” got voted on.

We have come to a sorry state in the USA in which our nation will soon not be a world leader. America must fade to the background as nations around “The Epicenter” take center stage and actors far removed from American ideals must play parts in an unfolding drama of literally Biblical proportions.

God does not force any person or nation to take a particular course of action, but from His eternal and all-wise vantage point, He knows exactly how this theater will all go. He did not write the script, any more than He chose what you would eat for breakfast this morning. But knowing what will happen, how you and I will choose within the framework of free will with which He endowed us, He has laid out little tidbits of information, “trailers” (if you will allow a movie metaphor to intrude on the theater one) which give us enough information to understand that He does know.

See Matthew 24, Daniel 11 and 12, and Revelation, beginning with chapter 4. However, do not become obsessed with “interpreting” these things with one eye on a newspaper and one of a blog about prophecy. Remember Jesus instruction that applies not only to its momentary application, but to all prophecy: “Now I have told you before it takes place, so that when it does take place you may believe.” (John 14:29)

His emphasis in all His parables about the end of time was simply “Be ready.” Are you?

5 thoughts on “Intermezzo: Too little, too late, but better late than never . . . same for each of us!

  1. As a fervent non believer, what I DO believe is that much good can come from meditation on the better spiritual texts. From Christianity or any other religion. tolerance, decency, kindness. We must aim for a better world.

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    1. There is mystery and ambiguity until we get some clarity in somethings .This is why , there is searching and finding truths, researching and development, discovering , learning and relearning as our scope of awareness expands infinitely. The more awareness enlarges , the more humans rediscover in different areas …

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      1. Yes, but clarity can come eventually in certain areas. The main reason to question Jesus’ deity does not lie in the historicity of the event. That is as certain as who was the first president of the US. The decided unbelief of most is either unwillingness to investigate this historicity or unwillingness to admit we may be subject to His rulership.
        Father will always be “mysterious” to us, because the Creator is above and beyond anything of which we can conceive (See We only know what we do about Him because of His choice to reveal Himself. But what He has revealed is clear, leaving the discovering and learning to lead us into more awe of Him and His creation.
        Too many have one experience of the transcendence of God and think, “Okay, now I know about God; no need to search for science of creation or other experience of God.” Thus they are as closed to scientific investigation as Darwinians like Richard Dawkins. And they miss out on the ongoing revelation of what Father is going to do in the last ages of the earth.
        “He is there and He is not silent.” (Francis Schaeffer)


      2. Yes , definitely we know about God as much as God allows us and according to our scope of awareness or level of consciousness …
        Experiencing the divine presence is different for each different individual. Even animals have the divine presence within them and transcending them at the same time .
        The divine is not only in prophets ,or the so called messengers of God …God is in everyone and everything and beyond as well …
        All of us are messengers of God more or less and each according to his abilities…
        Something, to say that Religions teach spirituality , morality , responsibility and discipline though I do not agree to the idea that God sends people to eternal h*** . God has mercy , grace , love , restorative and corrective powers and remember that all religions with no exclusion ( that could be man made ) have been created hundreds of years ago when human consciousness was not evolved as much as today . Forgive me if there are points you and some others may not like much …


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