Jilin University Wordless Wednesday (well, almost)

Changchun is a medium city in China, but the largest in Jilin Province.  The view from our hotel for the summer, a night view up the street and the entry to “our part” of Jilin U’s campus (~75,000 students in 2017).  Photographers documented every meeting, and I played “gotcha” with one of them.




6 thoughts on “Jilin University Wordless Wednesday (well, almost)

  1. I have only ever been to Canton and the Pearl River estuary. I had lunch at a power station and sat in the searing heat listening to a speech in Cantonese which I did not understand. I was covering a Hong Kong Listed company at the time. May have been Hopewell Holdings (although they were a property company). Clearly such a memorable day I have forgotten most of the details! Lovely country. Pity about their leaders.

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    1. I’ve forgotten EVERYthing of which I did not get a picture and 3/4 of what is in the pictures! 😄
      This week, I have a Resurrection blog for Wordless Wednesday, but next week, I will be continuing the march through Jilin U and visits to other places after that; including the absolutely amazing Harbin Ice Festival that January.
      So sad what is happening in HK, and many fear the conflict escalating with Taiwan. Friends there are very concerned.

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      1. Terribly sad. I still have Chinese friends there from my stockbroking days. I was there for a couple of years before the handover. Thank you Mrs Thatcher, although difficult to see what else she could have done perhaps.

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    1. This was one trip of many and our only trip to Changchun. But we also went to some other places on this trip after the summer classes my wife taught were over. Marry a smart professor next time! 😄 Pics of Harbin Ice Festival to follow when the summer gets hot here in KY.

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