Interesting Observations in Chanchung; Wordless Wednesday

In 2017, for all the wonders of technology in Chanchung, China, it is still a sleepy “developing” part of the Sleeping Giant.  Amazing tech in Jilin University!  And good ideas for hygiene to aid guys’ aim a little; it actually seems to help.  Clean, but distinctively non-Western style toilets.  But they still have a way to go for plumbing!  Note the lack of traps and unsealed drains which is why the men’s room kind of smelled, even with the better aim. 😉  Hoping no one lights up a cig in there, as methane gas is explosive and the main component of sewer gases!

6 thoughts on “Interesting Observations in Chanchung; Wordless Wednesday

  1. That is certainly interesting. And I think it looks better than the western style urinals. Plus you get more privacy. I don’t get how men can stand peeing next to each other lol

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  2. Well this is a different way for a men’s bathroom. Smell a bit…yes. It’s interesting to see how others build their bathrooms.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. 🙂

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    1. This is quite common in SE Asia and Africa. In fact, Kohler did a careful analysis of anatomies and bathroom designs in the 1970s and made a prototype toilet trying to mimic the position a “user” would be in for these types of toilets. It kind of looked like a guy riding a motorcycle! The position is the most effective for voiding the bowels, but they found their focus groups in the West did not like it. 😏

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