Guest Blog by Gary Fultz: Who Woulda Thunk?

The sun came up to a cloudless sky this morning, April 21, 2021, and it started snowing.  Totally weird.  I thought it was frost coming off the trees.  I guess at 20⁰F (-7⁰C) the moisture in the air began falling out of the sky in the form of snowflakes up to 1-1/2 inches big.  I tried to take a picture.  Don’t judge my skills yet, please.

2021-04-21 Snowing On A Clear Sunny Day
Yea, Snowing on a clear sunny day

2021-04-21 Snowing In The Sunshine
Yep, snowing in the sunshine!

2021-04-21 Snowflake On DeckAn animal shaped snowflake on the deck.  It measures an inch and a half; looks like several flakes bonded in the air.
[Editors note: This is the rare precipitacious hexagonolus.  Catching a photo of this beast is equivalent to getting one of Sasquatch!]

Something else happened today that took me totally by surprise.  I received my first “Like” on a blog written 10 years ago. For all I know they were the first to read it.  I wrote it under the assumption that if one writes something, others will read it.  Ten years later I know better.  Like all “Likes” received, I had to look this person up.  All the way from Germany (my home country on the Fultz side), a delightful artist found my old blog.  Check out Roswitha’s delightful painting/artist blog depicting a modern day “Emmaus Walk After Easter.”  It’s worth it.  I wonder if Roswitha is related distantly to several of my Geisler friends in northern Minnesota?

2021-04-21 46 Inch Pike
Me and One big Pike.  We won’t swim in that lake anymore!

Please check out my old blog.  My writing is changed a bit since then but I made a decent case for taking a wilderness adventure.  I caught and released the big pike (pictured above) from a canoe on a wilderness adventure trip.  Check out my old blog here.  It will be worth it as the pictures alone will make you want to go.  In June, 2021, I have my 65th BWCA (Boundary Waters Canoe Area) trip planned.

Who would have thought that Ohio and other states would have their biggest snow storm (at this point of spring according to an old college roommate) in 120 years overnight? As my grandfather used to say “Who Woulda Thunk”?

So, you and I; what are we still doing writing blogs?  For what?  It’s a question worth answering.  Ten years of writing for me and I’m working on a book.  Who Woulda Thunk?  Not me!

Ten years of learning how to write.  Learning to connect with people in writing, edit out the 90% fluff, connect with people in their comments, figure out SEO (Search Engine Optimization), connect with people in their blogs, listen, learn and hear.  Last of all, I feel as if I’m finally becoming connectable as a person.  I care and just maybe it shows.
WWT? (I heard that, grandpa.)

posted by  Gary Fultz, April 21, 2021

6 thoughts on “Guest Blog by Gary Fultz: Who Woulda Thunk?

  1. Loved reading this!👍🏻👍🏻 … How are you enjoying your new interest in cooking? Did you try something new and did some funny incident happen in the kitchen? Have a great night!


    1. I really enjoy puttering around in the kitchen since I am now retired, and it gives me a good excuse to NOT clean my basement! If I ever get to that I will blog on it with Before/After pics so you will see the fiasco I have left it in since working on houses!!
      Nothing funny ever happens in my kitchen, unless you count my dropping a sheet of cookies, or making WAYYY too much New England Boiled Dinner, or eating all the grapes I needed for a recipe or …. 😂
      You too, my young friend.

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      1. This is so sweet! I am just 13 but I know what it’s like to have to clean something😂! You just need to escape it!! Those are a little funny and I can relate 100%….


  2. There is a wonderful dimension to Gary’s guest post. Writing a blog for me is important. It helps me get certain thoughts in order, explore particular concepts and meet some wonderful people. Ultimately, I want to produce content that means something, and hopefully, in the main is useful. I can say most of what I write is based on personal experience including the ups and downs of running an organisation or two and being in the public eye, including input into government policy. If I was to cast my mind back to my 18 year old self and told it about what was to come, yes, Who Woulda Thunk!

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    1. Probably 10 years is enough for most of us to ask as Gary did, Who Woulda Thunk?. Through three “careers” from social worker to medical technologist to house builder, now retiring, Who Woulda Thunk!? Thanx for stopping by and pointing out how life throws all of us curves.

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