29 thoughts on “Shrooms – Wordless Wednesday

  1. Have no clue which ones are safe and which one are poisonous. For me the one in the grocery store are safe to eat 😁. I have to always make sure that my dog doesn’t find them and eat them πŸ˜‰

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  2. Occasionally have the same variety in our yard. Tried to identify them, but still unsure. They look enough like some seriously toxic ones that I don’t even touch them bare handed.

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  3. They’re so cute. Want to ‘boing’ them! Don’t tell me I need to get out more often : ) I’m not the only one that thinks mushrooms are cute. I have referrences that agree.
    If you start seeing rainbows where you shouldn’t, you may want to keep that to yourself.

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    1. As noted in reply to other comments, my bride and I don’t know enough about mushrooms to pick any. We just get shitakes from the market.πŸ˜‰ But thanx for the advice!


      1. Hahaha i have a bit of knowledge from my background that used to be one of our source of protein.So i used to know by just a look at them.Sometimes you will even see the poisonous ones with insects and flies scattered dead on top of them.The knowledge is usually passed down orally to the next generation


      2. It’s in someone else’s yard, so I will let them deal with it when they mow. No worries, I don’t think anyone around here thinks about eating wild mushrooms.


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