14 thoughts on “The only thing that never changes is everything keeps changing. – Wordless Wednesday

    1. Winter, with autumn a close second, spring a distant third, and if I was rich, I would have a house in both northern and southern hemispheres so other people could suffer through summer without me! 😎 The only sunburn I want is from the reflection off the snow.


    1. I’m the guy in the middle with the question and exclamation marks over my head! 😂
      I recall a fellow K-Mart employee many many moons ago, in all seriousness, saying to a group of us, “I work well with everyone as long as they do not make me change the way I do things.” 🙄


      1. I was once asked for advice so I gave it. Then I commented about how many people had been consulted. The answer was that she had asked a lot because “like to see what others think then I do what I want.” 😀

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