20 thoughts on “Autumn Coming Soon to Kentucky – Wordless Wednesday

  1. Where in Kentucky do you live? I was born and raised in Frankfort…It’s a small world after all. Kentucky has some of the most beautiful landscapes and scenery there is to see!


    1. This is not my fence. I planted a couple months ago and will give an annual report, and maybe a 6-month report on the Burning Bushes and Dwarf Alberta Spruces I planted. THANX for paying attention! ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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  2. Look at nature and watch the sea , Nature created for all , for you and me ,

    We are one with nature that we can see ,

    Here is how we intend to be …

    Love and peace could hold the key ,

    In this life , we take a part ,

    In the goodness of beauty ,

    There is an art ,

    This is where , we get to start…

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  3. I noticed the changes are just beginning in Kentucky. I was in Bowling Green the last few days. Back up north now (18 hour drive) where the leaves are mostly gone. Southern Wisconsin is peak right now…fall colors moving your way.

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    1. Yep, we just had our first “frost” last night, and it was kind of a bust. Only hit the lowest stream areas; in our front yard, the temp did not go below 36F. Just turned on our furnace for the first time this morning, because it’s going to stay in the 50s, up to 60 this week for highs, but only be in the 40s for lows. Still a couple more mows of the lawn. 😉

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