Merry Christmas to YOU, Too!

So on my new ‘job,’ I’m just cleaning out a nice big dry crawl space and restuffing insulation around the perimeter when I felt a rubber hose on the ledge; just casually tossed it behind me, and then noticed it was still wriggling.  Fortunately, it was cold enough on the ledge that the little fellow, about half a meter long (1.5 feet) was kind of dopey when I pulled him down, but he did not take long to wake up and wish me a Merry Christmas!

The picture captions are Fixing a Crawl Space, A Wriggling Rubber Hose, Getting Oriented, Now I Know Where I Am, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

24 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to YOU, Too!

    1. I tended a couple of big snakes in college and got used to them. Mostly snakes are not to be confused with The Serpent of Genesis. They are actually quite docile most of the time if undisturbed, like when I tossed this little fellow off his comfortable ledge thinking he was a rubber hose! 😁


    1. Only a rat snake, which is not venomous. Worst bite would have been like a small animal nip, but he was still slow enough I could grab him behind his head and release him outside… so he could find his was back in, most likely!! 😅

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      1. funny how easily we get scared of things so much smaller than us… I try to remember that when I need to get rid of biting insects & the like…


      2. Well, some have earned their reputation! A lady in Lex was bitten by a Brown Recluse Spider and has permanent disabilities from nerve damage and almost lost her leg from it! Small does not equal innocence! 😉

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    1. Nah. Rat snakes are not venomous (i.e., non-poisonous) so the worst bite would be like a small animal nip. But he was still slow enough I could grab him behind the neck and take him outside to find other ‘lodging,’ . . . unless he just found his way back into the crawl space. 😉

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