Snow Angels and Angles

Snow, being one of the most astounding miracles attesting to the existence of God, early January brought an amazing overnight and all day miracle to Lexington!  Three neighbor boys made snow angels.  The oldest and the youngest were done and gone before I could get my phone out, but the middle one stayed with it for the picture.2022-01-26 Snow Angels

14 thoughts on “Snow Angels and Angles

    1. We just got the trailing end of the wintry blast that went from New Mexico to Maine here in the US. Beautiful white cover over everything again, though not very deep, and will only be around a few days before we go above freezing again. ❤️&🙏, c.a.


      1. Hah! I grew up in Wisconsin and have driven in and shoveled my share of snow. It’s a lot nicer sitting and looking out the window and watching it.


      2. My humblest apologies to a Cheesehead!! Anita and I spent one of our most wonderful years (98-99) at the University of Wisconsin in Madison!
        The year before our neighbor had snow drifting over his lanai (seven FEET!), of which he showed us pics, but the year we were there we had a total accumulation of less than 24 inches. 😢 Man, was I disappointed. But I did get a W jacket from the U bookstore for a souvenir. Still wish we could have stayed there.

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      3. Yeah, but cowboys don’t fit in very well with Colorado’s politicians. ‘Course, any more, it’s hard to find ANY place where the people fit in with their politician. 😒

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  1. A winter wonderland. Beautiful and it was nice the young lad let you get a shot of him making his angel.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. 🙂


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