The Glass Trees of Lexington, February 6, 2022

The weekend brought a couple inches of snow after a rainy night.  The next couple days stayed below freezing for the highs, and the loose snow evaporated under the sun’s rays.  What was left was an amazing ice show that these pictures do not really capture.  Think of living in a diamond world and that would be closer to what my eyes could see, that the camera could not seem to capture.

29 thoughts on “The Glass Trees of Lexington, February 6, 2022

    1. Tried to comment on your blog, Before I Die: WhatDoYouSee, but kept getting an error even though I filled in all the * buttons.
      My comment was:
      “Considerations of what one wants to accomplish before dying should not just be for the old. No one has a guarantee of tomorrow, and it is important to know The God Who Is before meeting Him on the other side. Know Jesus = know peace; no Jesus = no peace. I truly hope you find Him or are found by Him, and find the delight there is in living with the knowledge of what will happen AFTER one dies.
      ❤️&🙏, c.a.”


      1. Not sure why you weren’t able to comment c.a. but thanks for posting here.

        In fact if you read the comments, I did write how important it is for all of us to reflect on what we would like to be/do/experience/see before we die. Irrespective of our age group. Even relevant to a 15 year-old I say.

        Yes life after death is a whole new fascinating world and I’ve read much and experienced much of the same in the last few years.
        Jesus is close to my heart since I was a toddler and in all his forms.

        Have a restful weekend.


    1. You have my sympathies for your lack of “real weather” in December through February, but no sympathies for living in socal! 😀 More than 300k have emigrated FROM socal to better places, and I encourage anyone living there to do the same, if Father allows it. Lots of new housing in Lex! AND nice winters. 😉
      ❤️&🙏, c.a.


  1. Some say that the polar winds blow directly into the eastern unites States as there are no much high mountains to prevent them from reaching these areas …
    Here , in Lebanon the arctic waves of very cold air come indirectly because they are hindered by high and wide ranges of mountains in some northren areas in Turkey , Iran and Caucassian mountains …

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    1. The worst part of living in the eastern US is the cold air combines with the Gulf moisture. Here in Kentucky, we sit right between the north that gets snow and the south that gets rain, so what do we get? ICE! 😏 Wish there was a way to blame this on politics, but nature is still above the fray and unmanageable by dum-dums in Congress. 😉

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