12 thoughts on “Even Ants Need Umbrellas in Kentucky!

    1. Well, ya know, Cincinnati was supposed to be in Kentucky, anyway, wasn’t it!? 😂
      I think the Hatfields and McCoys must have agreed to give it to Ohio as a truce settlement, though what those hill folk were doing messing around with the river north of us is beyond me.

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      1. By good fortune, the Ohio River separates us from the odd folk of the North who lack the cultural aesthetic taken for granted on this side of that stream. We also have an international airport, CVG, named after the Kentucky city of Covington.
        The Hatfields and McCoys knew what they were doing. It took an enormous amount of brute strength to boat all the pieces northward and over that river, but it was worth it. 🙂 Rivers are *never* something to mess with, as we have just witnessed in Eastern KY. 1937 brought a great flood that few who are alive still remember, ten years before I was born (in Covington, KY). Haha!!

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