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C.A. is my full legal given name which is easy to spell and makes it hard for telemarketers to figure out! 😉
I am on what I call my sixth life now, from childhood1 to college2, to first attempt at a career3, to medical technology4, to general contractor5.  I am now retired6, and figure I only have one more life to go.  But THAT one will last forever when I go Home7.  So until then I will continue to share what little I have learnt in these seven to eight decades.  If you benefit from reading some of it, then maybe there WAS a reason for Father to keep me here in spite of the damage I did early on.  I sincerely hope so.

1 Kansas City, KS, was the city of my birth and I lived there with my parents and siblings until going to college.
2 I attended a small private mid-west college and received a BA degree in Literature.
3 My work involved helping people in all walks of life, but after eight years, and discovering I could not handle my own personal problems, I decided to return to my ‘first love’ which was biological science.
4 Finishing a BS in Medical Technology from a renowned mid-west University, it was here I rededicated my life to Jesus and met Anita, a new Christ-follower, and “the rest is history.”😍  I worked in clinical labs for a few years before shifting to research labs at the University of Kentucky.  Both these lines of work were rewarding and satisfying.
5 A couple of strokes removed my interest in laboratory work, which surprised me.  Praying about and searching for what God wanted me to do, General Contracting for house construction appealed to me, so I started a small construction firm.  A total of six strokes, and I am a walking miracle, still functioning as normal . . . which my brother questions, “C.A., who told you that you were normal? Joe Biden or Donald Trump!?”
6 Reaching my seventh decade made me consider how little actual work I would get to do in construction.  My bride nixed any more ladder work after a couple of falls! 🤕  So I closed Alliance Builders in 2019 just before the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic.
7 Heaven is my final destination, as far as one can tell from this side of the grave.  Death holds no fear, so why should I be afraid of what people may do?  My life is hid in Christ Jesus and He is my Rock, Healer, Deliverer, Baptizer and Coming King.

23 thoughts on “HOME

  1. Okay, something went terribly wrong in my system, please, oh please fee to delete the previous comment, this one as well. My email stated it was from another wonderful person I know, and I addressed you as such. I have to investigate what happened. I have had so many, so many problems similar to this lately, I’m about to stop commenting everywhere! Am I the only one… good grief.


      1. I thought it was only me. Thanks for making me feel better. I thought it was going to a supporter named C.A. Pfifer-Rowe, I believe is her name & spelling. Since I was clicking on posts through my email notifications, I don’t know if hers was next to yours & I made a mistake, or if I can blame WP.


  2. Not sure how you got my email address, C.A., but I’ll follow you a bit since I, too, am elderly and want to make a difference FOR GOOD in the earth while I’m here.


    1. I’ve often toyed with the idea of writing a book, either a Christ-honoring fiction story or something of our philosophy. But you know what they say about the road to hell? It is paved with “good intentions.” ☺️

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      1. Saw one of your comments in a website, just want to give you congratulations, for honouring and expressing so much fondness to ignorance, pseudoscience and pseudo-intellectualism. Since you believe in hell, may the hell you find, be your own making.


      2. Supreme, I am sorry that you will be a fool according to Psalm 14. Father will do as He wishes and show you a “final mercy” reserved for those who refuse all His other offers. How sad, but He reserves joy for those who become His children.


    1. Thanx, Terry. ALWAYS so great to hear from a ‘voice from the past!’ Hope you and Sherry (sp?) are doing well and getting ready for our Home-going! 😉


  3. CA, I am so glad you left me a like on “God’s Love” so I could follow you back here to your blog. We have much in common; however, I must be ten or fifteen years older than you. But I am a “new life” miracle still walking, talking, and functioning. If you doubt that, just ask Joe Biden! As soon as he knows I’m a conservative, though, he will let you know that is not true and he did not say that, at least he didn’t say it today. Wasn’t on any cue note he remembers. 😁

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