LMCA – Leave My Clock Alone!

“May the gods condemn that man who first discovered the hours, and who first set up a sundial here, who’s smashed the day into bits for poor me!”  A Roman Citizen in 263 B.C. Who Saw the First Sundial Set Up

We need a nationwide movement to stop the bi-annual absurdity of moving our clocks forward and backward at the whim of our state legislatures!  And I need better brains than mine to come up with an acronym that will inspire this movement to Dump Daylight Saving Time.  DDST?  How about HOMC (Hands Off My Clock)? or LMCA (Leave My Clock Alone)?  Surely there is a political wonk out there who can come up with better acronyms than I can.  Ones that will look good on placards that can be printed for the masses of protesters that will rally in the streets of America this year to clamor for controlled clocking of our times.  Please leave your suggestions in the comments or email them to me at capost3k@gmail.com.

As snow again gently layers a couple inches onto the ground here in Lexington, Kentucky, it seems that warm spring air is just a daydream.  Diamonds seemed to cover the ground the next day after the sun came out.  But days are coming that will be longer than the days of winter.  After all, come March 13, our states and U.S. governments are going to give us an extra hour every day until November 6, 2022.  Right?  WRONG!

2022-01-29 Daylight Saving Time Native American
Daylight Saving Time (which even websites that should know better call Daylight SavingS Time) is supposed to provide longer hours of sunlight in the evening.  But this is all congressional smoke and mirrors, and pretty thin smoke and dirty mirrors at that.  Every state gets 24 hours every day, and no legislature can lengthen how far the earth leans or how long it spins around the sun.

Currently 19 states are actually thinking of making DST YEAR-ROUND! 🙄  And what is the point of THAT!?  Why not just leave the clocks alone and come to work an hour earlier?

2022-01-29 Daylight Saving Comes To StonehengeI have covered my disdain for DST on several occasions here and here, including the true story of a secretary in an office in which I was working.  As a few of us came out of our cubicles to discuss DST starting, I suggested that if it was really that important, why don’t we just come to work at 7:00am instead of 8:00am.  The horrified secretary said, “Oh, C.A., I have to get up at six to get here at eight.  I could never get up at 5:00am!!”  After staring at her like a deer in a car’s headlight for a few seconds, I said, “But you ARE getting up at 5:00am; on DST you’re simply CALLING it 6:00am!”

For this movement to get going, eat lots of prunes and … oops, wrong ‘movement.’  For THIS movement to get going, write or email your STATE Representative and STATE Senator as well as your Congressperson AND Senator at the national level.  You can find their contact information easily online.  Send something along these lines:

Dear Representative Reasonable (Dear Senator Sensible),
Daylight Saving Time is an absurd exercise in futility that does not save time nor lengthen our summer days.  If it is so important to come to work an hour earlier from March 3 to November 6 this year, why can we not do that without messing with our clocks?  Academic and government researchers* have shown that for two to four weeks after the clock change, both forward in the spring and backward in the fall, productivity in almost all areas of our society falls significantly, health of our populace is adversely affected and sleep is significantly disturbed!

As an advocate for the voters who put you into office, I appeal to you to stop this inanity called Daylight Saving Time!  Nothing is saved, nothing is gained, and your voters are negatively affected by your support of DST.


And you can add your name to a growing crowd that is sick and tired of changing the clock bi-annually by going to https://enddaylightsavingtime.org/sign-the-petition.

Lexington Sun Rise and Sun Up – Wordless Wednesday

Used to be asleep at sunrise, but now that I’m working part time and we are back on “normal” time, I decided to continue to get up at the same time as before, even though during DST we called it something different. Reeeally need to ditch Daylight Saving Time!

Can’t Congress Find Anything MORE Stupid To Do????

2021-03-13 DST AgainWell, it’s that time of the year again.  After a year of pandemics and elections, it is time for the US Congress to address one of the stupidest laws they have ever enacted!  And this is noted with full awareness of the ACA (aka Obamacare – “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”Nancy Pelosi, March 9. 2010).  This presupposes the For The People Act that centralizes elections, disenfranchises states and degrades the integrity of the elections by “the people” it supposedly is FOR.  It assumes you know about the $1,900,000,000.00 ($1.9 trillion) Covid Relief Package that has less than $1,900,000.00 ($1.9 billion) for covid relief, less than 1/10th of the bill.

Even with these boondoggles, the stupidest law the U.S. Congress has ever passed was the Daylight Saving Time Act of 1918!  Because of confusion over when states would adopt DST, it was codified into uniform compliance by the Uniform Time Act of 1966 (unless states wanted to opt out, which Arizona, Hawaii and half of Indiana did).  Now Daylight Saving Time begins with “Spring Forward” at 2am on the second Sunday of March every year.  When 2am hits, we are supposed to move our clocks forward to 3am, skipping that hour.  Standard Time resumes with “Fall Back” at 2am on the first Sunday of November.  When 2am hits, we try to reverse the damage by moving the clocks backward to 1am, repeating the 1am hour over again.  Then we do it all again in the spring.

Now, let’s up the absurdity!  This year, again, a group of congresspeople and senators have proposed the Sunshine Protection Act which would make Daylight Saving Time PERMANENT, so that we do not have to change our clocks every other season.  After all, if the government does not protect the Sunshine, who will!?  A reasonable person might ask, WHYYYYY!?  If you are going to get up an hour earlier every day of the year, why not just leave the clocks alone and go with the Greenwich Meridian Time standard that the US adopted in November of 1883 and was standardized to the world in 1884?

Two stories to illustrate the asininity of this idea:2021-03-13 Capital Grille Lounge
One is the apocryphal tale of why DST was ever adopted. 
It seems some congressmen were concerned about getting reelected and felt they needed something to show their constituents that they were not just sitting around the Capitol lounge and gym smoking stogies, drinking martinis and getting tax-payer funded massages, even though that is exactly what they were doing
One suggested, “Why don’t we vote to give everyone an extra hour every day?  You know, to work longer and pay higher taxes, but we could say it was so they could spend more time with their families.” 
Everyone jumped on the bandwagon immediately exclaiming “Capital idea!” until a freshman congressman, who was unschooled in the finer arts of making laws, noted, “But that would wear out in about two weeks when people would be going to bed at sunup and rising at sundown.”
After some substantial grumbling about mouthy young upstarts needing to learn their place, one of the elder statesmen said, “Well we can just subtract the extra hour from the morning and that way everyone will get the extra hour without confusing the clock-makers who would have to make 25 hour clocks. Besides I don’t have that many voting clock-makers in my district.” 
The measure passed with full bi-partisan support and was signed into law by Woodrow Wilson, who was busy planning to catch the Spanish Flu when he attended the League of Nations meeting the next year, and could not get reelected for a third term if he had slowed down the earth’s rotation to actually give everyone an extra hour.

The second story is a true one about a secretary I once knew in an office in which I worked.  Spring was on the horizon and we were discussing the coming change of the clocks.  I noted that, “If it is really so important to have an extra hour of daylight in the evening, why can’t we just start and quit work an hour earlier?” 
The secretary looked aghast!  “Oh, C.A., I have to get up at 6am to get here by 8 as it is.  I could never get up at 5am.”
The befuddlement in my brain was difficult to speak through, but I finally managed to say, “But you ARE getting up at 5am; you’re just calling it 6am for the summer!”

I would like to suggest an alternative proposal that we set our clocks BACK five hours!  That way we could all sleep in until noon and miss the rush hour traffic going to work, right?  This proposal makes the same sense as “permanentizing” DST year-round.

2021-03-13 Congressional GymAnd so the idiocy we call Daylight Saving Time (and that many people mispronounce as Daylight SavingS Time) may not be going away any time soon.  In fact, if our brilliant congresspeople have anything to say about it, DST might not go away ever!  Just think of how much we will protect the sunshine and the time we will save THAT WAY!  Now I wonder what they will do while smoking stogies, sipping martinis and getting massages.

History of Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Wasting Time

Two stories, the first is apocryphal about how Daylight Saving Time came into existence.

Daylight Wasting timeDon’t let anyone fool you about stories of Ben Franklin and treaties between the EU and US over how this absurdity we call Daylight Saving Time began!

Congressmen and Senators were spending lots of time with their constituents . . . until someone noticed they were spending LOTS of time with their constituents.  So most of them went back to D.C. so the voters would think they were doing something.  Having picked up some chicken tenders, wings, and pretzels to go from Hamilton’s Bar and Grill, they were sitting around the Upper Senate Park and one of them noted, “Well, we really oughta DO something, pass a law or at least have a discussion so the folks back home will think we had a reason to come back here.”

After a lengthy heated discussion on whether this year’s salary raise should be bigger or smaller than last year’s, one of them suggested it was getting late and he did not like to walk in D.C. after dark.  Which made a light bulb turn on over one of the congressperson’s heads!  “Hey, why don’t we give everyone in the US an extra hour of daylight in the summer!?  That would show we really cared about the dum-dums . . . I mean ‘voters’ back home.”

The bill was about to pass unanimously when an aide from a high school diplomacy program pointed out that 1), they did not have power over the sun; and 2) without that power, if they lengthened each day by an hour, it would not take long before people were going to work in the middle of the night, and that would not settle well with the dum-d . . . uh, voters.

So one of the senators in the park suggested they could solve this very easily by just removing an hour at the front of each day that they “lengthened.”  They all cheered at this “solution” and voted to move the clocks forward every spring at some arbitrary time, which after lengthy negotiations with Europe and much of the rest of the world’s politicians, was decided to do it on a Saturday in March.

However, with March Madness coming in the US, they decided they could mess up church schedules with less acrimony than disturbing the basketball and school schedules, so they all opted for the Sunday morning after the first Saturday in March before the NCAA tournament began.

Another high school student working as an aide pointed out to the other students there, that it would be much easier to just ask everyone to get up an hour earlier, but he was quickly hushed by the others who wanted to go out for a party that night.

And THAT‘s how Daylight Wasting . . . I mean, Saving Time was born in the halls of the ponderous panderers.

The second story is true with only the names changed to protect the guilty.

Working in an office in the early 1990s a discussion about Daylight Saving Time came up as we were preparing for the abrupt and uncomfortable change in the spring clocks.  A former high school student, Perceptival, with more than an ounce of sense said, “If it is really THAT important to come to work an hour earlier, why can’t we just do that without messing with the clock?”  To which one his colleagues, Ludicricious, said (and I am not making this up!), “Oh, heavens! I have to get up at 6:00 to get here at 8am!  I could NEVER get up at 5:00!”   The former high school student pointed out, “But that is exactly what you ARE doing.  You’re just calling it 6:00am.”  At which point the discussion ended because everyone wanted to go to the last party they could before moving their clocks forward an hour.  Apparently, most of them could not stay up late enough after the spring time change for it to get dark. Emo1 

Wondering While Wandering Through Time and Space

Off the usual moral themes of this blog, this is simply a logical discussion.  Time is an attribute of God.  You will not find this in any theological text and as far as I know I am the only one to espouse this idea, but it feels right, it appears logical, and common sense verifies it as true.

Swallows of San Juan Capistrano

The “brains” of this world, the intellectuals, are fond of making things very complicated.  “Instinct” is an invented word that means “we do not really have any idea.”  The dictionary defines “instinct” as “an inborn pattern of activity or tendency to action common to a given biological species.”  Why do birds fly south in the winter before it turns cold?  Why do the swallows fly from Argentina over the same pattern to San Juan Capistrano every year?  Why does a dog chase its tail?  Actually, we have no idea, so we ascribe these behaviors to “instinct.”

Hawking A Brief History of Time

In the same way, the late Stephen Hawkings, the brilliant and modest physics genius had problems explaining how life could evolve in the universe without God, so he came up with the idea of a “multiverse,” an infinite number of possible universes in which one, ours, could possibly have evolved life without Outside interference.  A pretty idea, but sounding an awful lot like Star Trek, it is basically absurd intellectualism to disguise his lack of evidence shrouded in complex mathematical formulae that he claimed “proved” there was no need for God.  The amazing thing about truth, or Truth if you prefer, is that it is usually self-evident.  “The king is not wearing any clothes” is a statement only a child would make in a kingdom that could not bear royal embarrassment.  No need for complicated conspiracy theories or complex equations.

So let’s get back to Time, a feature of our universe that I believe to be an attribute of God, like Space (yeah, that one, too, but maybe for another blog).  Time stretches back into eternity past and forward to an eternal future.  It, like God, is immutable; that is, it never changes in spite of Einstein’s ideas.  It is beyond the pale of man’s imagination to figure out a “time” when Time did not exist.  There is no reference of the Bible that says Time had a beginning.  The created universe had one, but “when” did that happen?

There are other things about God that our little minds cannot fully understand.  Remember, HE is God, we are not!  Thus, we have to rely on what He has revealed about Himself.  Somehow, He is Three-In-One, a single being with three persons.  We followers of Jesus are not tri-theists.  There is One God, and He is ONE.  Yet Father blesses the Son at His baptism and the Holy Spirit descends like a dove over Him (Luke 3:21-22); all “parts” of God, yet each is fully God and sort of like . . . well, there is no adequate illustration of God, because He IS God and there is only ONE of Him, and no one and nothing else in the universe is like Him.

So let’s get back to Time, again.  The Bible never says, “Time will be no more.”  That’s a line from a nice song about spending eternity with Him, but not a theological reality.  When will we be with Him?  When we leave this world by death or the Lord’s return.  How long will we be with Him?  For all the Time of eternity.  Clearly the Bible does not teach that we will somehow lose personality or identity; mystically absorbed into the infinite (Buddhism).  Hinduism and Jainism teach there is a personal soul but its blissfulness is very close to Buddhism’s loss of personality by the time you reach that state.


The Bible shows individuals around the Throne of God worshiping Him, not in some ethereal sphere of timelessness, but in Eternal Time (Revelation 4 and 22).  It is the measuring of Time that changes, not time itself.  Einstein pictured a train passing at some distance from an observer, and it seemed to go slower than it appeared to someone on the train.  We see this when we watch a jet slowly traversing the sky; we can trace its travel with our finger, but if we were in a balloon up next to it, it would be whizzing by!  But the time and speed it is traveling does not change; only our perception of it.  So Time does not bend, but our measurement of it does.  We have all experienced this in the way we perceive time, sometimes happening very quickly, sometimes very slowly.  But Time is constant and does not change.

There was a time when God was alone . . . as the Three-In-One who had communion within Himself.  Then at some time in the Eternity past, He decided to share His existence with others, so He created amazing beings (to humans) of light and majesty, that if we were to encounter one of them, we would be inclined to worship him (Revelation 19:9-10).  Like God, He gave them free will, intelligence and emotions.

Then at another point in Time, Lucifer (Light-Bearer), one of the chief three angels came up with an absurd and twisted idea that he wanted to be God (Isaiah 14:14).  However, the insanity of his thought was that he was a created being, not eternally existent in the past; not omniscient, not omnipresent, not omnipotent, not containing Time and Space in himself.  So God kicked him out of Heaven, i.e. left him out of relationship, and separated him and the third of angels who followed him from the Life, Light, and Love that is God.

At another time, God decided to create another being, after creating the Earth, the planets, the stars and the galaxies of our universe.  He made this one with free will, intelligence and emotion as well.  Only this time He limited how much of Himself He would show to these created beings.  So Adam and Eve walked and talked with God, who apparently took on a form that they could comprehend.  Now we live in the in-between Time, between Eternity Past and Eternity Future, but actually part of the Eternal Time: “In Him we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28).

Emperors New Clothes.jpg

So in my childlike view of The Emperor’s New Clothes, my little brain just figures Time is an attribute of God.  What difference does this make?  Very little for our spiritual lives.  Like arguments between the Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday crucifixion of our Lord, the important issue is that He was crucified and raised from the dead.  The important thing about Time is that it is in His hands and He has numbered the days for each of us before we appear before Him (Psalm 139:16).

As for Space, besides the Acts 17 reference, you can look at Colossians 1:16-17:For IN him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him. He is before all things, and IN him all things hold together.”  He inhabits the “Colossian Space.”  (see https://www.physicsoftheuniverse.com/topics_relativity_spacetime.html)
Just wondering while wandering through Time and Space.