Merry Christmas to YOU, Too!

So on my new ‘job,’ I’m just cleaning out a nice big dry crawl space and restuffing insulation around the perimeter when I felt a rubber hose on the ledge; just casually tossed it behind me, and then noticed it was still wriggling.  Fortunately, it was cold enough on the ledge that the little fellow, about half a meter long (1.5 feet) was kind of dopey when I pulled him down, but he did not take long to wake up and wish me a Merry Christmas!

The picture captions are Fixing a Crawl Space, A Wriggling Rubber Hose, Getting Oriented, Now I Know Where I Am, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Planting Bushes as Planned ;-) – Wordless Wednesday’s Intermezzo Blog

Like I told my bride, “I WILL get the hedge planted.  You do not have to nag me every two or three years.” 😂  Well, walking in Lowe’s to stay out of the heat, we noticed some Burning Bushes (Euonymus alatus) on sale as well as some Dwarf Alberta Spruces (Picea glauca Conica), all priced for out-of-season as the planting time in Kentucky is about over.  So we bought twelve bushes and four trees to spread across a side fence in the back yard.  The little more than three hours work would have been less if we did not have so many limestone rocks and the neighbor’s tree roots.

But the pots were small, so the digging went fairly quickly.  Placed a rock in the bottom of each hole to stabilize the plant and make the roots grow around it, not that the westerly winds will blow through the fence, anyway.
The Burning Bushes were planted with just a little of the root ball above ground and the Spruces just even with the grade.  I plan to mulch pretty soon . . . “Honey, you don’t need to nag me every eight or nine months to add the mulch!” 😁

I have marked the date in my smartphone for the next few years and will give an annual report here on Wordless Wednesday each year. 👌

Okay, I DID do the mulching today. 😊

Happy Tuesday-Vaccine Exemption Card

Available on Amazon along with fake Vaccine Cards available from Facebook and other outlets.  Just enter “How to get a fake vaccine card” in your search engine.  NOTE: this is NOT an endorsement of getting a fake card, as that would be lying and the FBI ‘claims’ it is illegal.  Just sayin’, it’s out there.  THIS card IS legal. 😎

2021-08-10 Happy Tuesday

Turkey Vultures -Wordless Wednesday

A friend told me these were Turkey Vultures.  I passed them near the road, in the shade of a tree trying to get cool from the heat of the day.  I stopped my car a short distance away where I could get out and get a better look at them and as I approached, apparently it was not hot enough to keep them in the shade for long!  Just had my iPhone in hand so took what I could.  One of the buzzards returned to the power pole closest to the tree to see how long “this interloper” would disturb their afternoon siesta; kind of like he’s sitting up there, thinking, “Okay, bud, how long are you going to stick around?” 😎  Fortunately he did not have this final guy’s attitude or I might have been in trouble!