Wordless (?) Wednesday – Transformation Complete

Added some Watermelon Coral Bells and “Blue” Garden Pflox for some additional color with some garden soil in the beds.  Mulched with Premium Black Mulch from Lowes.  Trenched for border instead of plastic.  Over seeded and raked into the ground and covered with straw. 
So the landscaping transformation to the front yard is complete.  Now we just have to let nature take its sweet time to grow everything.  One last addition will be a rain barrel to sit on the porch to collect water from the roof by the porch so it will not drill into the arborvitae.

Wordless (?) Wednesday – Transformation Almost Complete

Rain was predicted for the night after the three foot trench was dug next to the foundation, so I put out some tarp with a Hilti concrete nailer that uses 22 shells without the bullet head.  Covered all the loose dirt to keep a mudbath from occurring.  When we did the finish work, I left some of the plastic in the trench and lined it with a perforated drain tile, also connected to the downspout.  A half-ton of gravel later, we shoved the dirt back in and planted two arborvitae trees, a crimson azalea and two white heaths that will flower in about a month.  Still to add some watermelon coral bells and blue phlox and decide whether to keep the barberrys by the entrance.

Wordless (?) Wednesday – The Transformation Continues

Too much for solo work!!  A 17-year old National Swimmer did the heavy lifting.  I made him take my picture while I pretended to dig.  I even let him drive the Hybrid SUV so I could photograph the roots coming out!  He dug below the brick ledge so we could add drain tile to keep the water away.  Next week.