Natural Bridge State Park/Red River Gorge in Winter’s Coat

Across the Bert Coombs Mountain Parkway in central Kentucky, about an hour southeast of Lexington, lie two of the most beautiful places in the Commonwealth, one on the west side and one on the east side of the highway, two places to inspire worship of The God Who Is.

The Ark Encounter ChristmasTime – Wordless Wednesday

A previous post on ChristmasTown at The Creation Museum used photos from the website, but these were from our visit with friends to The Ark Encounter’s ChristmasTimeTHAT’s a BIG boat at the Ark Encounter!  And the sampling of lights do NOT do it justice!  It is a phenomenon to be experienced!!  Not mentioning the animals like the kangaroo that bounces around that you can pet, and the many topiary animals lit up.  And remember, the RAINBOW was God’s idea to remind us of His promise, not a cultural icon of immorality. (Genesis 9:13And our walk around the park was preceded by a TrueSong concert and some movie shorts.