Intermezzo: WordPress Aggravations

Angry emoticon  This is an intermezzo blog, i.e. one between my Saturday/Sunday blogs, just to express my frustration with my PAID site at  I was trying to experiment with a homepage so that when someone comes here, they can look up a basic philosophy of life page, my bio, and then sorted blogs based on themes.

To attempt the experimental pages I opened “New Sites” on the Dashboard, but when everything new required a special block editor, “Gutenbooger,” I decided to quit trying.  Seems any new sites one opens now MUST use WP’s stupid block editor unless you have a Business or higher fee site, in which case you can upload a Classic Editor plugin.

So after deleting the ‘dummy sites’ I was locked out of this regular blog site (which has a grand-fathered-in access to the Classic Editor).  After four days of lousy advice from WP and sites online telling me how to do what I had already tried and a couple of angry sessions with someone else over how to do this, I finally got some good direction from one of the WP forums.

Instead of logging in with my email which would take me to a ‘dead’ dummy site which no longer existed, he suggested I log in with my user id, and THAT finally worked!

My aggravation is that whenever some company, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Google, WP, etc., becomes too big for their britches they lose contact with the little guys they originally intended to serve.  Similar to government?

So I’ll probably stay here with WP as long as they allow the Classic Editor at my level of subscription.  They say until 2022.  But just in case, I’m saving all my blogs off line so that I can move everything to another smaller platform where you can call and speak to a human for less than $99 if you ever need help. (I did NOT pay for “concierge service”!)

Just venting today, but got my blog site back.  Maybe later, I’ll get some help from someone who knows how to set up a homepage without messing up this blog site and having to beg for help from a dehumanizing impersonal corporation. 😦