Intermezzo: Haircuts in the Time of the Wuhan Virus!

Last weekend I blogged about patience during this unusual time.  I decline to call it “difficult” because it has been reasonably sane here in Lexington, at least in our neck of the woods.  I have actually enjoyed the quieter time without so many places to go or things to do.  Of course, I have missed our Boomers’ Lunch Bunch once a month and pot luck Sunday night Gatherings.  Having just closed my construction company in December last year, I am kind of enjoying retirement and the virus seemed to put about everyone on the same page for a few weeks, quietly figuring out how to adjust to the “new normal.”

However, I have seriously missed Tiffany, my barber at Great Clips.  Last year I finally found a hair-dresser who tied the apron tight enough around my neck and also cut my hair to look as good as it could!  I usually let my hair grow about four to six weeks between cuts, so I was getting pretty bushy a week ago.  Anita offered to trim me and I guessed the only damage she could do would “heal” in a week or two, not that anyone would see me outside of Zoom or Skype for another couple months.

But her first time out with the trimmers and scissors proved to be pretty good!  Had to ham it for a couple of the pics, but she never pulled uncut hair nor took off any of my skin.  Made me look as good as she could, given what she had to start with!  So all’s well that ends well.  Maybe she can take up cosmetology after retiring! 😉

And as I noted in the last blog, I have gained about 10 pounds (4.5kg) so I need to increase the “outs” if I am going to keep eating ice cream or cheesecake after supper!  So I decided to edge the sidewalk in front of our house without a machine!  Hot work, but over two days with just a couple hours at it, I have depleted half of my gain. 🙂

IMG_0396  IMG_0404 IMG_0410