LMCA – Leave My Clock Alone!

“May the gods condemn that man who first discovered the hours, and who first set up a sundial here, who’s smashed the day into bits for poor me!”  A Roman Citizen in 263 B.C. Who Saw the First Sundial Set Up

We need a nationwide movement to stop the bi-annual absurdity of moving our clocks forward and backward at the whim of our state legislatures!  And I need better brains than mine to come up with an acronym that will inspire this movement to Dump Daylight Saving Time.  DDST?  How about HOMC (Hands Off My Clock)? or LMCA (Leave My Clock Alone)?  Surely there is a political wonk out there who can come up with better acronyms than I can.  Ones that will look good on placards that can be printed for the masses of protesters that will rally in the streets of America this year to clamor for controlled clocking of our times.  Please leave your suggestions in the comments or email them to me at capost3k@gmail.com.

As snow again gently layers a couple inches onto the ground here in Lexington, Kentucky, it seems that warm spring air is just a daydream.  Diamonds seemed to cover the ground the next day after the sun came out.  But days are coming that will be longer than the days of winter.  After all, come March 13, our states and U.S. governments are going to give us an extra hour every day until November 6, 2022.  Right?  WRONG!

2022-01-29 Daylight Saving Time Native American
Daylight Saving Time (which even websites that should know better call Daylight SavingS Time) is supposed to provide longer hours of sunlight in the evening.  But this is all congressional smoke and mirrors, and pretty thin smoke and dirty mirrors at that.  Every state gets 24 hours every day, and no legislature can lengthen how far the earth leans or how long it spins around the sun.

Currently 19 states are actually thinking of making DST YEAR-ROUND! 🙄  And what is the point of THAT!?  Why not just leave the clocks alone and come to work an hour earlier?

2022-01-29 Daylight Saving Comes To StonehengeI have covered my disdain for DST on several occasions here and here, including the true story of a secretary in an office in which I was working.  As a few of us came out of our cubicles to discuss DST starting, I suggested that if it was really that important, why don’t we just come to work at 7:00am instead of 8:00am.  The horrified secretary said, “Oh, C.A., I have to get up at six to get here at eight.  I could never get up at 5:00am!!”  After staring at her like a deer in a car’s headlight for a few seconds, I said, “But you ARE getting up at 5:00am; on DST you’re simply CALLING it 6:00am!”

For this movement to get going, eat lots of prunes and … oops, wrong ‘movement.’  For THIS movement to get going, write or email your STATE Representative and STATE Senator as well as your Congressperson AND Senator at the national level.  You can find their contact information easily online.  Send something along these lines:

Dear Representative Reasonable (Dear Senator Sensible),
Daylight Saving Time is an absurd exercise in futility that does not save time nor lengthen our summer days.  If it is so important to come to work an hour earlier from March 3 to November 6 this year, why can we not do that without messing with our clocks?  Academic and government researchers* have shown that for two to four weeks after the clock change, both forward in the spring and backward in the fall, productivity in almost all areas of our society falls significantly, health of our populace is adversely affected and sleep is significantly disturbed!

As an advocate for the voters who put you into office, I appeal to you to stop this inanity called Daylight Saving Time!  Nothing is saved, nothing is gained, and your voters are negatively affected by your support of DST.


And you can add your name to a growing crowd that is sick and tired of changing the clock bi-annually by going to https://enddaylightsavingtime.org/sign-the-petition.