Lexington Sun Rise and Sun Up – Wordless Wednesday

Used to be asleep at sunrise, but now that I’m working part time and we are back on “normal” time, I decided to continue to get up at the same time as before, even though during DST we called it something different. Reeeally need to ditch Daylight Saving Time!

April Snow? Well, Kinda.

On April 2 (unpictured), with 40⁰F (4.5⁰C) we actually saw a few, though very few, real snow flakes falling from the clouds.  But every year our “Spring Snow” is from the Aristocrat Pear trees, beginning this year on April 1.  A week later, April 8, the petals were falling like a blizzard!  By April 12, the trees were almost all green with only a few “snow-petals” left to fall.  Today’s rain will probably wash the rest off the trees and away down the storm sewers.  Summer is just around the corner.