Trump or Biden: 100 Days and Counting

2020-07-27 Trump vs Biden

After November 3, a few days less than 100 days from now, we will have elected the President of the USA . . . well, sorta.  To hear the two major candidates talk about it, questions surrounding mail-in ballots, voter disenfranchisement and current conjoined crises of Covid-19 and rampant racism on our roadways could cloud the conclusion well into December or even 2021!

Biden, himself, and his camp question whether Trump will accept the election results and leave office. ?Really?  That borders on the absurdity of rumors during Obama’s second term that he was going to figure out a way to stay in office.  But while those rumors started and stayed with a right-wing fringe, this is coming from the presumptive candidate.

Trump’s main problem is Joe’s safe and normal feel after four years of dumb impeachment attempts, and Trump’s less that intelligent reactions to everything from his first chief strategist (Remember Steve Bannon?) to firing officials via tweets.  He has sometimes been his own worst enemy.  When Pelosi tore up her copy of the State of the Union speech on national tv and looked like an idiot, instead of taking higher ground and ignoring it, he fed the frustration by inflating her infantile behavior to attacking Tuskagee Airmen and the little boy survivor who was in the stands (born at 21 weeks of gestation), something no thinking person would equate.

One wishes just once we would have to choose between the greater of two goods instead of the lesser of two evils.  But in a democracy of sinful people this will always be our choice.   Like C.S.Lewis, “I believe in democracy not because I believe every man is so noble and wise, he should have a say in his governance. I believe in democracy because no man can be trusted with absolute power.”

So as we go into the last 100 days before the election consider why you would choose to vote for either candidate.  These are just a handful of representative views espoused by the candidates as reported in various news outlets from CNN,Fox, Politico, Axios, Just Facts, and others.  There are a LOT of news sites reporting these ideas.

I encourage you to pray diligently for all our elected officials (1 Timothy 2:1-4), even the ones for whom you did not vote (See )  And pray for our country that God will use America as He has in the past as a beacon to the world: a beacon of freedom of religion, freedom of thought, and freedom of expression, “one nation under God.”  Read what each of the candidates says, not necessarily listen just to the opposing camp’s quotes out of context or out of date, nor only what the candidate says about himself.  Kind of cynical, but I suspect they will all lie to get elected, and say whatever they think will pay off with votes.

Joe Biden —-

  • Joe Biden, though nominally Roman Catholic, believes abortion should be available to a woman up to the moment of birth, that this is a medical procedure decision that should be left up to her.
  • Expand Obamacare (ACA) coverage moving in small steps to reach “Medicare for All.”
  • He believes that the LBGTQ agenda should be fully endorsed, even assigning a steering committee to his campaign staff to specifically address issues of importance to this group.
  • He supports to a significant degree The Green New Deal, banning fossil fuels by 2050.
  • End leases for off-shore gas and oil drilling and support nuclear tech as a means to reduce climate change.
  • Pay farmers from our taxes to adopt climate-friendly practices.
  • Tax carbon emissions in accord with recommendations by the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
  • He wants to abolish the death penalty completely regardless of the crime or victims.
  • He wants to eliminate private prisons that relieve the state systems of some its overload.
  • He will push for a national minimum wage of $15 per hour.
  • He believes there is significant value in reparations to minorities for things like slave ownership by ancestors and oppression by cities and states.
  • He is opposed to for-profit charter schools.
  • He wants the taxpayer to provide two years of college education for any high school graduate.
  • He wants to expand debt-relief programs for college-accumulated debt for students.
  • He wants to boost pay for pre-college teachers across the board.
  • Spending on political campaigns should be limited he says.
  • He supports universal background checks for gun ownership of any kind and favors forming a national gun registry.
  • He would leave criminal penalties for illegal entry into the US in place, but phase them out over his term.
  • Tax corporations and the wealthy to pay for transportation to pay for “green” transportation such as electric vehicles, trans-continental high-speed rails, and focus on supplying these benefits to lower socioeconomic groups.
  • Void past marijuana convictions and provide states with a bankroll to implement preventions of drug abuse rather than imprison users, allowing states to determine 2020-07-28 Israel and Hamas Peace Dealcriminality in marijuana possession.
  • He supports mail-in voting to protect citizen’s health.
  • Israel should accept UN and international guidelines for establishing a two-state solution with a group that is calling for Israel’s annihilation.

Donald Trump —-

  • Donald Trump opposes abortion except in the most extreme situations such as when a woman’s life is at risk.
  • Though misogynistic and crass, he claims to support traditional marriage.
  • He supports hate crimes against lesbians and homosexuals as we tolerate diversity, but opposes special “rights” for homosexuality such as marriage. Established by the Supreme Court, he accepts gay marriage but objects to equal benefits as traditional married couples.
  • He supports Medicare and Social Security but opposes Obamacare (ACA) and expansion of government intrusion into the health care field. He wants to see Obamacare repealed.
  • He wants to get bureaucracy out of innovators’ way and allow research into all areas of energy production.
  • He believes the background checks for firearm ownership are currently adequate but a national age restriction should prevent anyone under 21 from owning a gun.
  • Education should be determined at local and state levels moving up a bureaucratic chain instead of down.
  • Infrastructure funding should be channeled to road, bridges, schools, etc, “legitimate government functions,” not special interests such as identity endorsements.
  • He wants to see the tax code simplified and try to reduce taxes across all income groups.
  • He wants defensible borders with deportation of anyone entering illegally.
  • Maintain the death penalty to recognize damage to victims and families.
  • He opposes legalization of marijuana but believes this is mainly a state issue.
  • He wants to create Opportunity Scholarships to provide education for children trapped in failing schools. Education should be a right of every child.
  • He reject ideology of globalism but embraces a doctrine of patriotism.
  • He believes Iran cannot be allowed to develop nuclear weapons.
  • He opposes mail-in voting as too risky for fraud.
  • He fulfilled the Jerusalem Embassy Act enacted by Congress in 1995 and moved the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel’s capital. Every president from Bill Clinton on promised during his campaign to do so.  Trump did it.

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” Psalm 122:6

Remember, too, that while the President does wield significant power, Congress and the Courts are co-equal branches of our government and they are chafing under the continual amassing of authority to the Executive Branch.  There may be significant push-back on any of these designs of the candidate once he is elected.

2020-07-28 Jerusalem Temple Mount
Jerusalem Temple Mount