April SNOW!! The Real Thing! Wordless Wednesday.

Last week, , my Wordless Wednesday was “April Snow? Well, Kinda.”
This week Lexington, Kentucky actually got REAL SNOW last night!  With temps in the mid 40s (5-7⁰C) it will not last long, but it is a beautiful “swan song” to the fierce winter past.  (Proof of global warming, too, don’tcha know? 🙄)
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My apologies to Aarushi Sehgal, it’s melting too quickly to collect to send any to you!

Intermezzo: Popcorn Storms!

2020-07-08 Popcorn Storms

Wowwee!  The strangest storms I have ever noted, these hot red storm cells were completely clear 20-30 minutes earlier.  Then suddenly a little “kernel” of a green spot would show up on the map, and instead of moving and gradually growing into a large storm system, it would just “blow up” right where it started, pop red and drift slowly off the “hot spot” where it would dump rain and hail like I remember seeing as a kid in Kansas.

2020-07-08 Popcorn Storm Rain  2020-07-08 Popcorn Storm Hail

Then a flash of lightning and a simultaneous crash of thunder that shook our windows called me to look out the front door and back window to see if I could see where it hit!  But it was not until the next morning on our daily three-mile walk that Anita and I saw the damage in our nearby park, about a quarter mile from our home.  Apparently it caught the tallest trees spread out over a couple acres in the part of the park through which we walk.  There were a couple of others, but hard to photo.  This happened on July 7, 2020.   Then today, July 8, we got more of the same, but less lightning.  The strike in the park apparently spread over several trees around the area and I was kind of glad we did not live right next to the park!

2020-07-08 Popcorn Storm Lightning Strike 1  2020-07-08 Popcorn Storm Lightning Strike 3
2020-07-08 Popcorn Storm Lightning Strike 4  2020-07-08 Popcorn Storm Lightning Strike 2

Blue skies, sunshine, cool 70⁰F (21⁰C), but relative humidity 96% (!!!) for morning walks, which leaves us soaking wet by the time we get home.  Then in the middle of the afternoon, the skies turn into popcorn poppers and BAM!  Thunderstorms out of the blue that make it hard to see beyond one house away!  Then an hour later, it’s blue skies and 96% humidity again.  So if you do not like Kentucky’s weather, just stick around for a couple hours, and it will be quite different. 😉