Painted Deck – Wordless Wednesday

After last winter’s ice storm that left three inch thick ice on it, a small deck I built for some friends several years ago needed some work.  I had stained the deck, but they had someone paint it before last winter, so now it always has to be painted.

So I got out my scrapers and brushes and fixed ‘er up nicely.  The room to which it is attached was a laundry room addition that was most of the original project.

7 thoughts on “Painted Deck – Wordless Wednesday

  1. And that is the truth regarding the painting of timber. Nice looking project and fix up by the way. We still have one old fashioned timber frame window in our house. It really does need stripping down, the putty replaced and to be repainted. The one thing that keeps putting me off? Many hours in my youth redoing the timber windows at my grandparent’s house (and a few others too).


    1. When my house was built in 1992 most vinyl windows were cheaply made and poorly insulated. So we went with aluminum clad casement windows, which have served us well. However, in construction I have found the quality and insulation value of vinyl windows has improved SO much, I would not put anything else in now. Still casements, as they last forever for protecting from air drafts.


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