16 thoughts on “False Time Magazine Cover – But Accurate

  1. Well done, Sir. Trump is still waiting for his countenance on Time. The two are quite a pair. I read that Putin had been awarded an honorary black belt from the Taekwondo people, apparently revoked.

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      1. Image is everything to Trump, his narcissistic world view filters all incoming thoughts that do not fit his self-image. His idea of truthful discernment is carefully rehearsed in front of a mirror. A Time Magazine cover should project that mirror image, his peculiarities are the marks of a statesman to his base.


  2. There is certainly a bit of corruption everywhere in governments our own included. The key difference here is the ascension of Putin to near godlike status and his ruthless decisions that have brought us into the mess. The good news is that God has the last word and one day every knee will bow before our Lord and Savior. Let’s pray for the dying on both sides. Forgiveness for enemies and comfort for friends.

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    1. Ukrainians report bullets “flying by them and over their heads.” Some are attributing it to prayers, but I wonder if, besides miraculous intervention, if some of the Russian troops don’t feel very good about shooting people they know that Putin wants to control.


  3. Seems like devils fighting other devils to me (many anti-Christs). I don’t see Ukraine as neutral, as its ties with NATO, and the US have lots of corrupt dealings. I don’t excuse Putin either, but seems the whole mess is a mess. Prayers for the missionaries and Christians in those lands.

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    1. I doubt any government is free of corruption, but Zelensky was elected in an election that was evaluated as true and fair by outside agencies. The people of Ukraine had enough of “kremlin puppet’ leadership under Poroshenko and his predecessors. There are large evangelical as well as Ukrainian Orthodox populations in Ukraine. The UOC just separated from the Russian Orthodox, specifically because the Ukrainians felt the ROC was too aligned with the political leadership.

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    2. How do we know what to believe? The news media lies. The politicians lie. Where can we know we have the truth? I was feeling sorry for Ukraine, but the fact that Biden is so involved with Ukraine and he is always against Russia, makes me wonder if maybe we should be careful about taking sides. You sound unsure and I’m unsure too. I agree with you that this whole thing is a mess. There’s too many lies out there!

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      1. Concluding the book of Judges tonight and going into Ruth, these books show the contrast of how confused and unfaithful Israel was as a nation, yet Father had His hand on Ruth, Naomi and Boaz, as He blessed individuals who were true to Him.
        So it is with the nations now. Though some (read Russia, China and Iran) are worse than others, Jesus did not die for groups of people but for each one of us.
        Truth starts with Him who IS the Truth and flows outward to wherever faith in Him is expressed- as it is being expressed by MANY Ukrainians.

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      2. Agree. We have Jesus as truth and life, and can live according to those principles of the faith. Other than that, I just can’t take sides in politics knowing there is so much greed, deception, and evil.

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